How I went from “Basketball is Life” to mentoring women and guiding them to growing their relationship with God and living a truly healthy lifestyle.

Before there was a desire to grow my own relationship with God. Before there was a degree in Biblical Studies. Before the speaking and teaching and inspiring… there was a “baller”.

Everything I did revolved around basketball. From playing to coaching to careers with the NBA. I was committed. I was all in.

Wanting to help others become healthy, a degree in Kinesiology was the backbone to being a Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Not knowing what was next, but knowing there was more, I headed to Arizona for a second degree. 

Scared to make this shift, and tell others about it, I took another leap. Listen to more of my story in Episode 01 of the His Word My Walk Podcast: “Basketballs to Bibles”.

Taking the Leap


I didn’t have a “raised in church” journey to the relationship I have with God now.

While I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in junior high, I was mostly involved at church because that’s where all my friends played basketball on Wednesday nights. In college, it was another group of athletes getting together outside the gym to talk about life and encourage one another.

The shift into “a true Christian lifestyle” was anything but “traditional.”

When I finally did “take the leap”, I was 24 and living in Alabama and decided to find a church. I was a grown-up now and I decided church was important. I decided Jesus was important. I decided I wanted to give this some real effort.

And when I finally found the desire to grow and a place to worship and a community I was loving…

I quickly realized:

“This Christian lifestyle is going to be a series of never-ending leaps…”


my mission

ignite your spirit

Allow me to introduce you to Jesus and what He says about who you are called to be.

elevate your mind

The right mindset is key to creating a healthy lifestyle, one you can maintain

challenge your body

No more obsessing, no more complacency. It's time to take action and love your body by giving it what it needs.