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If you are struggling to find your flow, feeling overwhelmed in any area of your life, and are ready to make some changes, working with me may be the next step for you.

I’ve been there. But over the years I have used my education and expertise to create a lifestyle for myself that I not only love, but can maintain without feeling deprived. I see daily growth in my relationship with God, I have learned to elevate my mind, and I have continuously challenged my body.

My desire is to share. My desire is to help you grow. God has called you to be the strong, bold, beautiful woman He created you to be. And I’m here to help you achieve that. 

What is it like to work with me?

The details

I didn’t just graduate with two degrees, earn countless certifications, play elite sports, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, love my life at times, and wonder what the heck I was doing at times for nothing. God had a plan all along. 

During the time I’m mentoring you, you get all of me. I am extremely dedicated to each of my clients (which is why this program is not always open, and also why at this time I do not do group coaching). I am so dedicated to giving you all the value I can share. Nothing here is cookie-cutter. My desire is not to turn you into me, my desire is to guide you to become the woman God has called YOU to be. Girl, you have a purpose! It’s time to get healthy, whole, and step into it.

What is included in the program?


Prayer & Spiritual Guidance

I may not have all the answers for you, but God does! Let’s build consistency and growth in your own relationship with Him through getting honest with God (and yourself) about this journey you’re on.

Weekly Personal Video Calls

This is where you really grow. We connect and talk through the week, celebrate the wins, find the opportunities, and make a plan for the next week. I am your personal expert, prayer partner, and coach on this journey! And with your honesty in the weekly check-ins, these calls are the GOLD!

Daily Motivation & Development Check-ins

One of the keys to consistency is accountability, and I am here for you! I check in with you daily and follow up on the commitments made and goals set for the week. Nothing changes if nothing changes so even on days you don’t feel like pushing through, I’m here for you.

Text Access to Me

This journey is about your growth and success and I am here every step of the way. Feeling like giving up? I got you! Not sure if you’re understanding correctly? I got you! Need extra prayer and guidance? I got you! Just having one of those days (you know, “that a girl goes through” – channeling my inner 1990s Monica) and need to vent, I GOT YOU!

Progress Tracking

Let’s celebrate the wins and track how far you’ve come! We examine the process together to find opportunities to keep growing.


Because it’s time! It’s time to build a lifestyle you love. It’s time to stop obsessing. It’s time to stop the on-again, off-again living. It’s time to make Christ the center and create your healthy lifestyle. I’ve been there, but the joy I have now is beyond what I thought imaginable. And I would love to guide you to that joy too.

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what my clients have to say

Kaela is more than a fitness coach she coached my confidence and belief in me. She saw the outcome and spoke to that, when my body couldn’t move. I have physically become stronger, faster, healthier in both my body and spirit.”
Wife, Mom, Minister

Kaela is determined and has always believed that I would reach my goals and now with her I believe it too and know I will.”
Wife, Mother, Business Woman
Kaela realized early on that my motivation was weak because of the state of the body and mind so she allowed me to rest in her motivation until mine was strong enough to rest on its own. I believe this is the key to my longevity and commitment to her and myself.”
Woman finally putting herself first

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