Are you FINALLY ready for a refresh? A little R&R?

In your Review & Refresh Session, I am going to teach you how to use what you already have, what’s working and what needs a little refresh in your Spirit, in your mind, and in your body so you can actually start seeing results for the work you are putting in! 

Maybe you’ve already been following a plan or trying something you read about but you’re…

  • Not feeling fulfilled

  • Not really seeing your body change

  • Feeling stuck

  • Confused by all the information you read online and hear your friends spew at you

  • Unsure how to stop spinning your wheels

  • Losing confidence by the day and continually asking why or how

LISTEN – I get it! I’ve been there before. Tired of feeling like I’m not where I want to be, not seeing any progress, questioning God’s plan, and thinking nothing can get me out of this.

You’re not alone!


I’ve seen so many women struggle with this. SO, I had to do something. I created the R&R (Review & Refresh) Sessions so you can stop feeling overwhelmed with somehow squeezing in workouts, reading, work, laundry, love, and a full day of ‘meal prep’, and start experiencing peace by following a well thought out approach with truth backed by God’s Word. And honestly, this way you’ll end up doing less overall work with better results and more peace in your home. 


It sounds like what you really need is…

  • Confirmation that you’re worth the effort

  • An educated expert to review your current lifestyle and guide you through the “stuck”

  • To learn how to eat in a way that is sustainable, maintainable, and enjoyable

  • A clear path to turning your rotating thoughts and desires into action and success

  • To focus on who God has called YOU to be, feel more confident in that, and press on!


Imagine being able to…

→ wake up with energy and a plan for success each morning.

→ enjoy your meals and snacks, even the cookies!

→ spend fulfilling time with God for YOU!

Introducing your R&R Sessions with Kaela

Working directly with me, let’s review what you’re already doing, already trying, already investing in, and learn how to refresh YOUR lifestyle rather than just buying into another program. I made this single-commitment opportunity with 3 weeks of unlimited text and audio messages with me after our call because I want you to experience growth, peace, and results! I want you to know you have an accountability and prayer partner. And I want you to see just how transformative it can REALLY be to create your own healthy lifestyle, with an educated expert holding your hand and guiding you every day.

I created these R&R Sessions so you can…


Get Unstuck

Learn how to make your healthy lifestyle  fun, exciting, and adventurous; instead of monotonous and boring as you try to copy what you see someone else online doing, yet still not seeing results.


Increase Confidence

Learn to ask yourself strategic questions and answer with education when deciding your workouts, meals, and snacks.


Grow in Grace

Start to forgive, to relax, to let go. Learn that you already have the tools, begin to trust yourself, and recognize your reasons to celebrate.


Find Your Foundation

Recognize nothing is working together without God in the mix. Once we keep Him at the center, the ride is much more smooth.

What do you get?

» A full review of your current lifestyle. You know what’s working and what isn’t so let’s start there.

» A 60 minute video call with me, reviewing and refreshing, setting you up for more peace and results you can see!

» 3 weeks of unlimited text & audio messages straight to my phone. Grocery store, gym, reading, praying… I got you, girl!

Who is this for?

♥ The woman who has tried every fad diet or program and can’t imagine starting one more thing AGAIN! 

♥ The woman who feels defeated by the number on the scale, and has become obsessed with how to make it change.

♥ The woman who is questioning God’s plan, wondering if He hears her, and trying to make sense of life right now.

Who is this not for?

× Someone who wants a quick fix and instant results, focused on the scale.

× Someone who wants to completely start over and abandon work she’s already done.

× Someone who does not want to continually grow her relationship with God.

I cannot wait to serve you! It’s time to refresh and reach your goals!

One-time investment: $197

Meet Kaela. 

A girl with a huge desire, Kaela has been able to help women throughout North America gain understanding in their relationship with God, their relationship with themself, and their relationship with their own body. As a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and Christian lifestyle mentor, she serves the Lord by serving you. Achieving degrees in both Kinesiology and Biblical Studies, she has been featured as a guest speaker at women’s conferences, lead workouts for many top organizations throughout the US, and has partnered with some of the best trainers in the business. Kaela is on a mission to build up and encourage women, to teach them how to push to the next level of their purpose. Her continued prayer is that God uses her to ignite your spirit, elevate your mind, and challenge your body.